Washing Instructions

Your new TurtleNeck turnout will give you years of service if properly maintained. The fabrics used on the outer shells are strong and durable but the high tech waterproof/breathable layering system on the back of the fabric requires special attention. When washing please follow these instructions:

  1. Use a stiff brush to remove dried mud and debris.
  2. Use a large washing machine without an agitator.
  3. Remove all straps and the fleece collar and wash separately.
  4. We recommend washing without detergent. Detergents are designed to remove anything attached to the fabric. All modern waterproof/breathable clothing has layering systems applied on the back of the fabric and detergents will damage it.
  5. Wash in cold or warm water.
  6. Hang out to dry.

Maintaining Waterproof Properties:

The outer shell of your turnout is treated with Teflon (silicone coating) to resist water and stains. The inner side of the fabric has a high tech waterproof/breathable layering system. The Teflon on the outer surface is not permanent and gradually deteriorates from exposure to the sun and rain. When the Teflon wears down and loses its water resistant properties the fabric will start to retain water rather than shedding it. This does not affect the waterproof/breathable membrane on the inside but it can cause leaking if the fabric is saturated. When this occurs we recommend that you apply a new waterproof coating on the outer surface. Wash the turnout and let it dry. Then completely saturate the fabric with the waterproof spray and allow to air dry. Once it is dry place in the dryer for 10 minutes. The application of heat will bond the polymer to the fabric and is essential for complete water protection. We recommend that you do this at the beginning of each season to maintain peak performance of the turnout throughout the year. The brand we recommend is Atsko Permanent Water Guard (Item # 1357). We recommend buying two 10oz spray cans for each blanket you treat.

Atsko link: http://www.atsko.com/waterproofing/