Horses like to Run, Roll, Buck, and Kick… our turnouts don’t twist, turn, or shift

Premium Horse Clothing

The TurtleNeck® concept was developed to provide a more comfortable fitting for the many unique shapes of horses. Our elastic neckline conforms to the shape of the horse and comfortably snugs up to keep the blanket from shifting. Once it is secured it stays in position while stretching in and out as the horse moves. The elastic belly and rear leg straps perform the same way. They secure the blanket then move with your horse in every direction. We take great pride in providing a very high quality product and professional customer service.

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Unique Benefits

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Flexible Elastic Neckline

Using the highest quality elastic in the neckline allows it to snug up comfortably when your horse is still, yet moves freely when he is in motion.

Emerging Young Riders

Daryl Kinney is a rider on fire competing throughout the Northeast and Canadian Eventing circuits this summer.

Instructions and other info

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