Fitting Instructions

Important Information:

When your new TurtleNeck arrives please do these simple tests to make sure the product is fitting your horse properly.

A. Stand to the side of your horse and pull the elastic neckline. It should pull away from the horse’s neck 8 to 10 inches.

B. Place your hand under the blanket by the shoulder and make a fist. Move your fist around both shoulders and the chest. If there is no tension on your hand then you have a good fit in the shoulders.

C. If your horse has moderate to high withers do this additional test. Step to the rear and pull the blanket backward to see if the neckline becomes stuck behind the withers. It should slide back and forth without tension or hanging. If it gets stuck behind the withers and does not slide forward please contact us at 888-371-1519 or

If the fitting fails please contact our office for an exchange.