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My most favorite Horse I Blankies. EVER!! .’nuff said

- Gayle Southworth

I bought one and I love it!! Waterproof and fits my TB perfect!

- Jodie Hansen

I love my Turtleneck! I have one of the winter blankets that I bought for my horse in 2005. They fit wonderfully and are totally worth the money. Planning to buy another one this year and keep the old one for backup.

- Kathi Redick

Just received my second Turtleneck today, (have a sheet and a mid-weight for my gelding now–in Florida that = totally set for winter!) and am so pleased! Now to upgrade the mare’s blankets in the coming year, and get a fly sheet for my boy for next summer! (Sweet Itch!)! This family is going to be TOTALLY TURTLENECK!

- Mindy Walsh

love my turtleneck. this is the 3rd one im buying!!! cant get a better sheet

- Cheryl Harrison

I got mine and my little girl looks fab! Very well made product too.

- Helen Scanlon

All 3 of my horses have Turtleneck blankets. My 35 /1/2 yr old wild horse has 3! Two Ice Turtles and a sheet. One he has had for 10 years! His newer one (5 yrs) needs a slight repair for belly strap. My other two horses just got new blankets last winter. I love these blankets! They fit great and last!

- Danielle Belliveau

These blankets don’t slip and slide all over the place. When your horse rolls and the stands back up, its still in the correct place. Just ordered my 3rd one. They are the bomb!

- Kit Cannon

These are the best. Horses like them as they are comfortable. No rubs…no mane rubbed out…best ever!

- Kathy Holmes

I’ve been using the 300g Turtleneck on a broodmare who has a short thick coat and who can’t move around a lot so she gets cold. She is at a facility that doesn’t do a lot of blanket changes and she wears this blanket from 15 degrees through 50 degrees. I have never seen her sweat under it, it breathes so well. She gets turned out in all weather, sometimes really nasty weather and she always stays dry under it. The blanket looks brand new after a full season of wearing even though she has been in a paddock full of mares and yearlings with serious politics going on. It is not overly heavy and doesn’t “weigh her down”. She has been very comfortable in her blanket.

I have been trying turnout sheets for 3 years, trying to find something to fit our Connemara with big shoulders but normal neck….and your turtleneck is the first one! It is fantastic – so well made, love the extra parts, and the elastic does the trick, fitting snugly around his neck (to keep out the rain!) but offering enough room in the shoulder area that he can move freely. I am sold on your products now!!

- Oakton, VA

My husband and I own 9 horses currently(the number is forever changing) and they all live outside in sheds. Each one has a Turtle Neck Ice Blanket. This is the second year they have had them and I have yet to repair a single one. I have spent more money than I wish to admit on “high quality($300-$400) blankets; including Rambo, Weatherbetta, Masta and Wrangler. My horses have SHREDDED EVERY ONE!!! I am so happy with my Turtle Neck Blankets I recommend them to everyone. My horses stay so warm not a one of them grew a winter coat and their coats are so shiny I am forever getting compliments on them. We have also used the fly sheets and have had just as much success with them!!!

A lady at another barn bought one, my friend liked it bought 3, she had a problem and it was resolved immediately, so I bought one and love it! My trainer and our barn owner are impressed with it. Quality, excellent customer service and fast delivery result in the best advertising ‘CAUSE HORSE PEOPLE PASS IT ON! Thanks

- Laura White

Last night, my way-too curious filly got stuck between the woven wire fence and an over-grown bush/tree. By the looks of the ground under her, she has been struggling to get free for awhile. Luckily she had her Turtle Neck Blanket on, otherwise she would have been scratched from chest to tail. I even ripped my jacket while trying to get to her head to calm her down. We eventually got her out, not a scratch on her, and not a single rip on the blanket. Thank you for making a top-quality product that withstands a trouble-seeking two year old!

I get a lot of comments on my Turtleneck blankets; everyone at my barn wants to know what brand they are and where to purchase them. The style and fit are great on my very active American Saddlebred. Thanks so much for a great product!

- Kim

My daughter Maria has 4 FEI dressage ponies. We live in Amsterdam-Holland. And I must say that, the turtlenecks are the very best blankets money can buy, especially when the ponies are shaved. When we are at the international shows all over Europe the blankets provide a great deal of warmth and comfort. TNXS! Martin

The blanket exceeds my expectations! The ordering process was very good as well.

I love the way the neck fits. The way it gathers around the neck prevents shoulder rub. I also like the elastic belly straps because they can be adjusted shorter to prevent a hoof getting caught. The hardware on both sides is ingenious!!! I will definitely be ordering more of your products.

Beautiful, amazing, well fitting, non-rubbing, comfortable rug. Thank you for creating it.

I love this sheet. I have 3 horses and unfortunately I had already ordered Rhinos for my other 2 horses or else I would order the Rain Turtle for them. Excellent fit and construction. I will order these blankets from now on. Thank you!

- Martin van den Dungen

I bought the TurtleNeck Turnout Sheet over a year ago from Dover Saddlery. It has held up admirably. My horse loves to roll in the mud and the sheet stays where it belongs. He is at pasture all the time now and I never have problems with dangling straps or unhinged clips. Recently a horse bit him very hard and really tried to inflict damage on him; the sheet protected him 100%. It really is bite-proof!! It rained for a full day nonstop and my horse was completely dry underneath when I checked him at night. The liner is excellent as well and does seem to wick moisture away if I leave it on too long during the day (the moisture of him sweating.) The only place the sweat stays on his body is on the shoulder, where there is no Coolmax liner. This is one tough top layer for sure. If you need a really solid top layer for rain, sleet or heavy wind, this sheet will do the job. If you need warmth too, either add a blanket underneath or try the Turtle Neck blanket.

- Treeboys

Turtle Neck Blankets are superior to any product I have ever purchased over the past 22 years. Believe me; I have tried the so called “best of the best”. Several of these products sold at a much higher price than your blankets and they don’t compare to the quality, durability and overall value. You have an absolute winner.

I am so lucky to have found your Ice Turtle Turnout. It is everything I was looking for and more.

I like them a lot. Two horses had really bad fly bites already, but after a couple of weeks wearing the sheet, fly bites all gone and a nice smooth coat again.

- George Shade, Jr., M.D.

I’ve recently purchased the Ice Turtle and I LOVE it!!! It has been very cold here in Colorado and not once has my mare been wet or cold. It is so durable and always look new. I look forward to buying many more products soon!!

- Kristin Knifong

My thoroughbred ‘Roy’ was used to living in a stall so when I bought him and brought him home to his new indoor/outdoor stall, he was unaccustomed to the harsh, biting snow/rain/sleet/ice storms that we get in the late winter when it tries to warm up here in Wyoming. Roy would have died without your winter blankets. It is so hard to keep good fatty weight on him because he is so muscular, so we find it hard to keep him warm. He never gets a very thick winter coat and we just couldn’t find a blanket that would stand up to the wear and tear of a REAL horse that plays around in the mud a rubs on fences, but doesn’t rub on the horse or choke them when they go to eat in their troughs. When we finally found your blankets it was a beautiful moment. He stays warm and comfortable and even nickers when you bring it out to put it on him. We can even put them on him after an unexpected rain and when we take them off he is both warm & DRY but amazingly so is the blanket! He is blanketed nearly all winter with your heavy blanket and your turnout rug in the cold fall nights. We have invested heavily in you company and the elastic and Velcro have only JUST worn out after 2 years of heavy use! I am so happy with you’re product I put them on all my horses, young and aging-pasture pals or elite show horses year round with all weights. They are the perfect blanket and I stand by Turtle Neck 100%. Thanks for such a great product.

- Jentry

I bought two Turtle Neck winter turnout blankets for a tank like arabian and a skinny ex racehorse. The blankets fit perfectly on both of my horses. It took a lot of research to find a brand that really fits and holds up well.

- Beata

WOW! Finally a blanket that doesn’t look like my Arab is wearing his big brother’s coat! Getting a good fit on my older guy has been challenging…just put on his new Ice Turtle and it looks like we have a winner! Two hooves up for Turtle Neck!

If I had more horses, I’d buy them all Ice Turtles! I recommend your excellent blankets to everyone. Thank you for a well-made product and great customer support.

- Marla Ellis

My horse a Tennessee Walker, has high withers. I noticed she really hated the blanket I bought for her. I simply could not bare to put it on her again so for her Christmas she received the cut back/ tail protector blanket. I like it a lot she looks like a million dollars in it. Do you need a sales rep? I love this product as it has made my horse a happy camper. Thank you!

This horse blanket performed exactly as described, providing a breathable outer layer that was water and windproof, while allowing my horse’s skin and coat to breathe and prevent sweat and dampness from remaining under the blanket.

- Kimberly Hillary Ann Arbor Michigan

I have purchased 2 of the Turtleneck Rain Sheets in the past 3 years. I have just loved these sheets. They don’t rub the horses and they stay dry. It is so hard to find a good sheet to fit Arabian horses properly, one that keeps them dry and does not rub them. My Arabians have been hard on their blankets in the past, but I use these sheets as the primary turnout for two winters and they still look like new! I tell everyone about them. Thank you for taking the time to make a quality sheet that really fits my Arabians. Sincerely, Kari A. Bond Georgetown, KY

I have been using this product for years and was impressed when I first purchased them. They just keep getting better!

- Kari A. Bond

As someone who never saw much need to spend more than $60 for a fly sheet, I’m sold on these! The elastic is a great idea, and really improves the fit. I love that the fabric doesn’t drape on the horse – it seems cooler and any flies that land seem less noticeable. I love the double-ended surcingle straps that can be buckled from either side. I love that the dirt and dust don’t stick – my other fly sheets make it two days before I have to toss them in the wash, this has gone almost a week! And both my horse and I love the neck cover.

I highly recommended your products to another store in our area that carries different brands of horse blankets that are not the quality of yours. I hope you hear from them in Poulsbo, WA. I have also recommended your products to my vets for other customers who own horses with sensitivity to bug bites.

Love the blanket, fit the horse excellent

- Mary Cooper

The fly sheet is by far the best on the market. No more shoulder rubs on my mare and cleaning is a breeze, just hose it off and its brand new again. Many thanks!

The best turnout blankets and products I’ve found.

- Dana Cushman

“Your company is classy and professional, offering an exceptional product. Your unique design has finally brought my horse comfort. No more slippage or shoulder rubs. Your product presentation was unprecedented, as was your inclusion of extra hardware. Your customer service was excellent. As if this wasn’t enough, you gifted me a beautiful high quality tote bag. Wow. From my horse’s heart to yours, thank you. Please feel free to use my comments on your web site.”

Thank you for the fast service and especially the excellent product!

- Gay of Sebastopol

Hi, I just would like to let you know how happy I am with my Mud turnout sheet, it fits my horse perfect and it is well built. I am in the blanket repair business and if all blankets were made like this I would be out of business, Thanks for making such a great blanket! This will be the only brand of blanket I will buy for now on! If you have a catalog could you please send me one, I would like to replace all my blankets for my dressage horse. Thanks Again, Penny DoBas

I’m very happy with your flysheet. It is super light, durable, stays on perfectly even with the neck protector.

- Penny DoBas

“I love this blanket. I am on the 2nd year of use and the blanket looks like new. I use it a lot on an older horse that is turned out on pasture full time. Fits well, does not move on my horse, keeps him dry and warm.”

Best blanket I’ve ever owned!

- Columbia, MO

I have had the hardest time trying to find a blanket that fits my 6yr old Quarter horse/Warmblood cross. Every blanket I tried rubbed her on her chest and shoulders EXCEPT the turtleneck! It is fabulous! I am so happy to have finally solved the problem and I will never again have to try to “fix” all my blankets to fit her! We both thank you and your design team! Jenn and Starlette

- Jennifer B.

I have a Friesian Gelding and I was concerned about the neck being to tight. No problem. I plan on ordering the rain and mud blankets. Great product, it is holding up nicely.

This blanket has been on my older horse that has been turned out in a pasture with trees and another young horse, and it still has no snags, tears, or any other blemishes. It has kept its place on his back, and has hardly needed any re-adjustments at all. I will definitely purchase another one and I recommend it to my friends.

After my horse tore up two previous blankets, I bought a Turtleneck blanket. It came through last winter without even a snag, and is already keeping him warm this winter. The replacement straps I purchased were not to replace damaged or worn out straps, I lost the old straps when I stored his blanket last year. The shipping was incredibly fast and the new straps came just in time for really cold weather here in the Midwest. THANKS!! I highly recommend your products.

- Sharon

Several years ago, my retired Champion Arabian mare’s shoulder was fractured when she was kicked by another horse. When her current owner was unable to use her, we purchased her to campaign on a smaller show circuit. After owning her for over eight years we’ve become the best of friends. Her shoulder however, has always been a problem, and at age 22 she is arthritic and always stands with her sore leg pointed. Winters are especially hard for her, not only because of the cold, but because blankets rub on her atrophied shoulder. But not anymore! I am so excited to finally find a blanket that offers her freedom to move without rubbing her shoulder or restricting leg extension. There is zero pressure on her shoulder now and she is so happy to have her a comfortable “blankie.” Thank you so much for making a blanket that truly fits! My mare and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- Tex

I bought my first Turtleneck about five years ago. It was wonderful to finally have a blanket that fit my Morgan/Quarter Horse cross. It kept him warm in his old age – from 29 to 33

- Sue Steuer

First one this year on a tall Arabian stallion who moved from az to pa in September. This has been a very cold nov and dec and your blanket is a Godsend!! He loves it and so do I. I’ve used many brands and I’m very pleased with the turtleneck. We have 9 horses, all Arabians but different needs. I like the way it stays out and doesn’t seem to rib anywhere. He seems wonderfully warm even in teen temps. Great find! Thank you

- Monica Respet

I love the turtleneck. Not only does it provide superior protection against the weather, it stays on! Jet, my beloved Friesian, hates wearing “clothes” and makes it a mission to try and remove them during turnout, by any means possible. This blanket holds up and stays on! Before the turtleneck, I was replacing blankets every few weeks after he destroyed them. I won’t purchase another brand again.

- Ro Mar

Turtle neck is the MUST have for any horse that needs a blanket!! Hands down the best ones! I’ve had Rambos, weatherbeetas and all the rest and nothing beats the Turtleneck blankets for fit, range of motion, ease of putting on, repair parts, and most of all weathering the storms, and i know storms and cold Weather Living in New Hampshire we go -10 with the greatest of ease and one day its 35 and pouring rain and within 12 hours its super low temps and feet of snow!!! We get up to 40+ mph winds and wind chills down to – 30 Turtle necks take it like its nothing!!!!!

- Heather Tower

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to buy one of your Ice Turtlenecks at a local tack shop. It was/is one the best pieces of horse clothing that I have ever bought (and my 17.2 hand, Oldenburg feels the same way). Since then, I have given away every single other turnout coat (and believe me; there were lots of them, and many from major brand companies). I treasure the Turtlenecks that I own and hope that you never, ever stop producing such wonderful products!!

- Beth

The absolute best!

- Bill Rube

Turtleneck makes great blankets…I have the 3….

- Melanie Starr

I have a turtleneck fly sheet and it is awesome!!!