Waterproof Maintenance Kit


Recommended for Ice Turtle, Rain Turtle, Mud Turtle, or Snapping Turtle to keep your product in peak condition.

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Proper maintenance of your TurtleNeck turnout will extend the life several years. This maintenance kit will safely clean one turnout and replenish the waterproof coating. The kit includes a special detergent packet that will clean the fabric but does not leave any residue that can cause leaking. It also includes the best waterproof coating that we have found available anywhere. The coating completely restores waterproof protection and it prevents fabric scuffs and even prevents most horse bites from damaging the fabric.

We purchase these kits in bulk so we can provide them for TurtleNeck customers at wholesale cost. If you own an Ice Turtle, Rain Turtle, Mud Turtle, or Snapping Turtle then we recommend using this maintenance kit at least once a year to keep them in peak condition.


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