Water-Guard and Blanket Wash Kit


Recommended for Ice Turtle, Rain Turtle, Mud Turtle, or Snapping Turtle to keep your product in peak condition.

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We recommend washing and applying a fresh water repellent coating to your turnouts at the beginning of each season to maintain peak performance. This kit includes a special detergent specifically for high tech waterproof/breathable fabrics. It does not leave any residue of the fabric that can damage the laminates or coating. The water guard will refresh the water repellent coating on the outside and repair any UV damage. It will also fill any rough spots cause by rubbing or rolling that might cause leaks.
We purchase these kits in bulk so we can provide them for TurtleNeck customers at wholesale cost. If you own an Ice Turtle, Rain Turtle, Mud Turtle, or Snapping Turtle then we recommend using these products to keep them in peak condition.


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