The Snapping Turtle 2 Piece Ensemble (Without Neck Protector)



1200 Turnout Rug (300g)

TurtleNeck Blanket Liner


The Snapping Turtle Ensemble is a complete package including the Snapping Turtle Turnout Rug, your choice of 100g or 200g blanket liner and the waterproof off season storage bag!

The Snapping Turtle is a very high quality 1200 denier winter turnout rug with 300g insulation. It has many unique features you will not find in other brands. Our patented elastic neckline snugs up to help your horse retain body heat during cold winter days. The breathable outer shell prevents sweating and the waterproof layering system protects them from mud, sleet, snow, and rain.  The updated front closure system combines a double Velcro flap with two 1.5″ buckles over the flap for extra security and wind protection.  This turnout does not shift or roll regardless of the activity of your horse. The can roll, buck, jump, or run and it will stay in place.


We use a generous pattern with extra room in the shoulder area and it wraps over the rear more than other blankets. It also has deep sides that can be pulled under the belly area and secured with the elastic belly straps to provide more warmth. All of the straps are detachable and the rear leg straps can be reversed if you prefer attaching them from the side. We include a spare parts kit with all of our turnouts with an extra belly and rear leg strap plus a fleece collar. It comes with a waterproof storage bag.






Product Features



    • 1200 denier Outer Shell


    • Seamless Back Pattern


    • Full Anti- Bacterial Lining


    • Waterproof and Breathable




    • 300g High Loft Insulation


    • Detachable Elastic Straps


    • Waterproof Off Season Storage Bag


    • Free Spare Parts Kit







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Mary Morrison-Allen – The most AMAZING product!°°


Vanessa Dunham Watson – Love mine


Savannah LaneGot one this year too and am in love!!

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TurtleNeck Blanket Liner


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