Our Unique Benefits


Our unique patented stretchable neckline provides a level of comfort and protection that is unsurpassed. Every time your horse moves it stretches. It comfortably seals the neckline keeping body heat inside and the elements outside. The belly and rear leg straps are also elastic so there is no pulling or tension when your horse is active.


The safety and protection of your horse is our highest priority. All of our turnouts have elastic belly and rear straps plus an anti-fungal lining.

Straps- We use elastic straps because they will not bind your horse if he/she hangs a hoof in a strap. Every time your horse moves they stretch. Traditional nylon straps are virtually unbreakable and they can be dangerous if your horse hangs a hoof. If they become cast it could cause them to panic and lead to serious injuries.

Anti-Fungal Lining- All of our turnouts have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial linings. When horses wear their blankets or sheets for long periods of time fungus and bacteria could become a problem. We recommend that you remove the blankets daily to inspect your horse but this is not always possible. We think it is worth the extra cost to have the peace of mind knowing that your horse is protected.


Fabrics- All of our blankets and sheets are made with durable outer fabrics that are both waterproof and breathable. They each have a TeflonĀ® coating on the outside of the fabric and a waterproof and breathable laminate on the inside. The laminate repels water but breathes to allow sweat vapors to pass through.

Patterns- All of our turnouts have generous patterns that fits higher on the neckline and hang several inches beyond the dock to cover the entire rump. They also have deep sides that can be pulled together under the belly area for more protection.

Proper Fit- Our elastic neckline keeps the turnout from shifting and keeps it in the proper position at all times. Please read and follow the fitting instructions that are included with the product.


Our design people have owned and ridden horses for many years. Their experiences have helped us design products that are more convenient for owners. Every TurtleNeck has detachable belly and leg straps. When a horse hangs a strap on something they immediately pull away and on a traditional turnout they would tear the strap off of the blanket. If your horse breaks a strap on a TurtleNeck you simply put a new one on. Our spare parts kit includes an extra belly strap and a rear leg strap just in case you need it. They are also available at cost on our website.

We use detachable fleece collars on all of our turnouts. When a horse rolls in mud the fleece can become very abrasive when the mud dries. With our products you don’t need to wash the turnout to remove the mud. Just remove the collar and replace it with the extra one we include then wash the muddy one. These are all little things that can be annoying or time consuming so we hope you enjoy these convenient features.