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Premium Horse Clothing

The TurtleNeck® concept was developed by our founder because he wanted a safer and more comfortable turnout for his own horses.  The company set out to create a turnout rug that would put the safety, comfort, and protection of the horse as it highest priority. We started by changing all of the belly and leg straps to elastic. Traditional nylon straps are unbreakable and can bind a horse if they hang a hoof. This can be a serious problem if the horse panics. Next we made them detachable so they can be easily changed if broken. Next we created a stretchable neckline that would fit many different shapes and sizes. Every horse is shaped differently and elastic conforms to the shape rather than restricting it. We accidentally discovered that the elastic in the neckline retained more of the horse’s natural body heat so it allowed us to use lighter weight blankets and get the same results.

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Our Featured Products

Flexible Elastic Neckline

Using the highest quality elastic in the neckline allows it to snug up comfortably when your horse is still, yet moves freely when he is in motion.

Emerging Young Riders

Daryl Kinney is a rider on fire competing throughout the Northeast and Canadian Eventing circuits this summer.

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